The Wildness of Being Human

There were SO many interesting talks this morning…I’m pretty sure all of us are still “digesting” the concepts and implications of the ideas discussed. Keep your eye out for more posts. I’ll be more comprehensive later (took good notes!). Before took the break for lunch, we ended the first half of the conference in the best way possible: with poetry.

Jane Hirshfield walked up to the podium after a morning spent discussing: our multiplicities, our complexities, our illusions and delusions, our interconnectedness…all part and parcel of what it means to “be human”. One word we left out of the mix, she said – was wildness. We are endlessly interesting creatures after all – and even our seemingly rational behaviors are at times inherently irrational. We don’t always understand why we do what we do nor do we always have conscious access to our unconscious experiences. Yet, we are here. We live on. We muddle through this existence … and we do so strengthened by the bonds of love we share with one another.


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