It’s been a while…

Guys. I’m realizing since I last published in this space…well, it’s been a while.

The last post on here is from last year’s SfN (can you say: #phdlife keepin’ me busy?) and we’re already gearing up for the one in San Diego this fall! However, I do have a few updates for anyone who is still tuned in or has kindly included me in their RSS feeds:

  • I have blogged a few posts for Maze Engineers. Click Here for Access to the Blog.
    You can also see my “Science Writing Pubs” tab for more links to articles.
  • I have been writing for the Kavli/NTNU institute in Trondheim, Norway (squee! Yes, for the amazing Moser team; they are as kind as they are brilliant).
  • Last, but not least, I have joined an amazing initiative: NeuroEditor. I will Jonah Lehrer my About Me section and say: it’s an initiative aimed at improving the quality of communication of neuroscience texts (academic or otherwise). You can follow along @NeuroEditor and lastly…
  • I have fallen so deeply in love for the beautiful community of scientists on Twitter. This past year they have gotten me through so many mental blocks and have continued to re-inspire my initial love for this grotesquely beautiful mess known as scientific research (that is when I’m not 100% depressed). They are amazing humans. Tweeps. Whatever. I’m kind of terrified to meet some of them “IRL” but it’ll be great. Right, guys? I’m keepin’ it real @geneticexpns
  • On the Twitter note: mark your calendars for the week of September 26 – October 1, as I will be a featured host during for @Neurotweeps. Or don’t mark your calendars. Either way: I’ll remind you many times before said-event goes live.

Oh, and I *do* have an actual post in the works for this space/for NeuroEditor about neuro-babbling. Once I get through cell counting, mouse training, committee meetings, etcetera – you’ll see it here. Or perhaps you’ll see it sooner b/c I’ve always found writing keeps my analytical brain in tune. However, I have a travel award application to get to, so….until later. Thanks for tuning in.


Love y’all.


P.S. I now am Leslie Knope’s BFF.

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