#SfN16 Socials: The (un)official guide.

First, I’d like to start by saying this was written with first-time SfN-goers in mind, because I know the first time *I* attended SfN, I had no idea that the alphabet went past 26 characters until I walked through the poster aisles (CCC123.43), let alone where all the parties were at. I also made this list for those who just want to keep their party list organized (ahem, yours truly).

Second, I am more than happy to update or correct this list as needed, so please feel free to drop me a line if I’ve missed anything/made any errors.

Lastly, for the newbies: you should know that there are *official* SfN-sponsored socials and then there are the unofficial, but tried and true traditions, that are not *officially* SfN-sponsored socials. Here is a link to the SfN-sponsored socials. They are, traditionally, grouped topically so you can choose your nerdy area of expertise accordingly. As for the rest….well, here you go, you party animals:


Friday 11/11:

So far, it’s looking like Friday night is reserved for lab dinners, sleep-overs, and other private parties…so if you know of any haps on this said-night, let me know!


A non-SfN but fun-looking event is “The New Kids Welcoming Party” – go talk neuroscience to other non-neuro people (or don’t!) In their words, this event is:

“San Diego’s Original Welcoming party for new breweries and distilleries! Live music and a cigar lounge. Food available for purchase. Due to the size of the venue, only 350 tickets are available. We are honored to be included as a new brewery! Can’t wait to celebrate at this epic event along side 14 incredible breweries in our community.” 

Saturday 11/12:

Not to make this a mystery, but: there may or may not be something happening down in Little Italy (there is). Per the hostess, it’s not meant to get too large as a gathering, so I’m not advertising the details here. Chances are, if you’re on Twitter, you know the people who know the people who will connect you. If you’re really interested, message me and I’ll hook you up.


9pm — they shut us down: KARAOKE. Last year, a tweep and I became BFFs and took it to the microphone with a few friends who felt like belting their hearts out. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. BILLIE JEAN. LIKE A PRAYER. No American Pie allowed, though. PLEASE. Otherwise, sing your hearts out. Location TBD. If you’re a San Diego native and have any recs, let me know either here  by leaving a comment or DM on @geneticexpns.


Sunday 11/13:

6pm – 9pm: Online Science Tools for Networking, Data Sharing, and Outreach. Since this event is now sold-out, I wasn’t planning on adding it here, but perhaps it’s good for you to keep it on your radar in case this becomes a regular event. Also, a few tweeps on the panel have encouraged coming out to the event, just in case. It’s possible those who RSVPed won’t show and there may be a waiting list, but BIG DISCLAIMER: no guarantees you’ll be let in if you’re not pre-registered! I’m sure we’ll be live-tweeting, though, so feel free to follow virtually if not in person. Or in Helena’s words:


Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 4.24.22 PM.png

8:00pm “Pavlov’s Dogz” to get your 60s, 70s AND 80s groove on. More about the musical group posted below (and a link to their ticket page: here.)


Monday 11/14: The night you will NOT sleep

Monday, 11/14 @ 5:30-7:30pm: NeuroEditor’s inaugural #scicomm social. As I am part of this particular venture, this social is dear to my heart (and of course, I’ll be there!). Also, um: 1400 types of Whiskey (they’re the largest in all of California) and happy hour specials extended until 7pm for our event! More deets on our RSVP page (which we’ve extended until the 7th).


Monday, 11/14 8pm-9:30pm: The INCF US Node social @ The Tipsy Crow

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 4.28.03 PM.png

Monday, 11/14 @9:30pm until negronis run out (??) Dearly beloved: SfN Banter.


Monday, 11/14 @ 9 pm – 1:30am UCSD Neuroscience Grad Program Social

As per tradition, the UCSD group has put together an amazing video (a pop song parody) to promote their event. This year, they’ve really outdone themselves with “Work Alone” :

[Note, it’s free but you will need to show your SfN badge to enter.]

Oh, and just in case you wanted yet ANOTHER party to go to Monday night (or have mastered the art of being ev

[11/04 update]: THIS JUST IN: Just got word of another party on this same Monday night, hosted by NeuroLabWare at Fluxx Nightclub with DJ Josh Siegle. So, in short: I expect everyone to ordering double and triple shots of espresso in their drinks Tuesday morning….

[11/07 update]:

The International Society for Serotonin Research, or ISSR, formally known as the “serotonin club” will be hosting a mixer for all “sero-nerds” at The Quad Alehouse (868 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA) from 6-8pm. $10 to attend. Flyer here.

Agilent Genomics or “NGS On Tap” from 6pm-9pm at the Mission Brewery (1441 L St.  San Diego, 92101) Here’s a link to for more detailed info on the event, including the evening’s agenda.

Tuesday 11/15:

Hang with the Canadians at the CAN-ACN social. Because there’s no better cure for a hangover than Canadians. In fact, there’s nothing better than being surrounded by Canadians. Yes, I’m Canadian – and also American. Anyway.

Hard Rock Hotel at 6:30 PM. Details here.

Screen Shot 2016-10-31 at 10.30.05 PM.png

Wednesday 11/16:

8 am-12pm: Come to my poster and let’s talk memory manipulation! It’ll be a party, right?  I know most of you will be on the first jet plane heading home at this point, but if you’re around – come say hi! Or bring me some coffee and we’ll be best friends forever.

[for real though: I really don’t know of any parties – so let me know if you’re in the know. Also, for real: bring me coffee? I take it with soy. but black is fine].


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