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Lady GABA Rocks. Yellow Cab of San Diego Sucks.

A break from our regularly scheduled science coverage to report on an SfN social event + a slightly-bitter commentary on Yellow Cab service of San Diego…. So. Monday night finally rolled around- the night of the Lady GABA throwdown at … Continue reading

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Transgenerational Epigenetics? It’s Complicated.

“We need to be careful in thinking it’s all about genetics – it’s not all about genetics. We need to take into account: epigenetics.”   ~ Paolo Sassone-Corsi [photo credit: John Hersey of NYTimes] So I think we’ve established this much: … Continue reading

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Joining the dots: Epigenetics, Plasticity and the Circadian Clock

Today’s Special Presidential Lecture was such a treat! Every once in a while, we’re lucky enough to find something which engages us such that as we listen, we find ourselves almost literally sitting at the edge of our seat… hanging … Continue reading

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Are you…who I think you are?

So it turns out: Cruella DeVille…isn’t all that cruel. I know, I know… it’s hard to believe. It’s even harder to believe that now when I look at pictures of her, or even clips of her (such as the scary … Continue reading

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Please stay tuned!

Apologies for the delays in posting. Those of you who saw my post late last night (now deleted) know that it was largely due to an unfortunate incident with a cab driver, a GPS and several lost-in-translation moments (i.e. really … Continue reading

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Can Science Shape Human Values? And Should It?

In about over an hour, I’ll be hopping a bus with my friend to the Sacramento airport so that we can fly over to San Diego – this year’s (in case you haven’t heard already) official host city for the … Continue reading

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The Land of SfN: A Voyageur’s Guide

We’re now 7 days away from SfN’s Annual Meeting …and counting. Anyone who knows anything about SfN knows the first cardinal rule of surviving the meeting: plan (everything) ahead of time. Gone are the days when I would attempt to … Continue reading

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Neuroblogging @ Society for Neuroscience (sfn) 2010

Hello World, indeed! The rest of you WordPress users know that “Hello World!” is the self-generated title of the first default post that is published along with the creation of your blog. Quite appropos, I feel – as it indicates … Continue reading

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Hello world!

You may have noticed: This blog is still working its way towards completion! Thanks for bearing with me as I put the pieces together!

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