Peer-Reviewed Publications

Curriculum Vitae (CV) with detailed research experience can be downloaded here.


Conklin Q, King BG, Zanesco AP, Hamidi AB, Pokorny JJ, Alvarez-Lopez MJ, Cosin-Tomas M, Kaliman P, Epel ES, Saron CD. The Effects of Intensive Insight Meditation on Telomere Dynamics and the Moderating Role of Personality. In Submission.

Tanaka KZ, Pevzner A, Hamidi AB, Nakazawa Y, Graham J, Wiltgen BJ. Cortical representations are reinstated by the hippocampus during memory retrieval. Neuron. 2014 Oct; 84(2): 347-54.

Creson TK, Hao Y, Engel S, Shen Y, Hamidi A, Zhuo M, Manji HK, Chen G: The anterior cingulate ERK pathway contributes to regulation of behavioral excitement and hedonic activity. Bipolar Disorders. 2009 Jun; 11(4): 339-50.

Wang Y, Hamidi AB, Zhou R, Guitart X, Chen G, Manji HK, Kaddurah- Daouk R. Stable Isotope-resolved metabolomic analysis of lithium effects on glial-neuronal metabolism and interactions. Metabolomics. 2010 Jun; 1;6(2):165-179.

O Malkesman, DR Austin, T Tragon, G Wang, G Rompala, AB Hamidi, Z Cui, WS Young, K Nakazawa, CA Zarate Jr., HK Manji, G Chen. Acute D-serine treatment produces antidepressant-like effects in rodents. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology. 2012 Sep; 15 (08): 1135-1148.


Hamidi A, Ota Y, Mardini D, Suarez SL, Wiltgen BJ. Interactions between the hippocampus and cortex during remote memory retrieval. Society for Neuroscience, San Diego, California, 2016.

Hamidi A, Wiltgen BJ, Pevzner A. The influence of environmental parameters on hippocampal reactivation. Society for Neuroscience, Chicago, Illinois, 2015. 355.23/CC40

Hamidi A, Pearson B, Malkesman O, Martinowich K, Hunsberger JG, O’Donnell K, Schloesser R, Dold G, Chen G, Manji HK. Temporal Profile of Imipramine and Ketamine in the Learned Helplessness Paradigm. Society of Biological Psychiatry, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2008

AY Taha, HW Kim, A Hamidi, T Tragon, E Ramadan, G Chen, SI Rapoport, J.S Rao: Chronic N-methyl D- aspartate Administration Induces “Bipolar-like” Behavioral Changes in Rats. International Brain Research Organization, Florence, Italy. July 2011.


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